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Do As I Say And I Will Be Your Slave...

Do as I Say and I Will be Your Slave
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A large plaque only read "The Labyrinth" over the door, the name making William cock an eyebrow with interest. The place was worth a look if anything.

Seeing no sign to knock or ring a bell, he tried the door and found it unlocked, stepping into the cool, crisp smelling air with a sigh as it hit his slightly humid skin.

No one seemed to be around, or at the front of the store anyway, so he took a few steps in to gawk with the lack of finesse people have when they know they're not being watched. The store was stuffed to the gills with odd trinkets, books, objects and furniture so old that looked like it hadn't seen the light of day in over a century. A few bright spots of gems or mother of pearl winked at him from random angles and corners from the room, assumingly catching the light thrown from the large, hypnotic chandelier.

It was a chandelier like he had never seen. Polished glass balls of various sizes looked as if they were suspended in midair by nothing at all, spinning and floating of their own accord as they rolled along one another, the movement fluid and almost sensual in the pace of it.

Some globes even seemed to float free of their friends, hanging from the ceiling like planets circling one larger star, Will's eyes dazzled by the sight as he stepped back to watch the chandelier with less strain to his neck.


Jareth had felt the frission in the air the moment the boy had entered his shop, an electric skitter of spider's legs up his spine that caught his breath away for a moment. He'd savored the moment, the triumph and anticipation, the spinning sensation of the game starting, finally.

Had stood still and silent a long few seconds, using all of his control to keep from summoning the spinning glass ball above his head into his hands, until the anticipation built hot and heavy in his belly, stirring his cock in the snug jeans he was still unused to wearing.

Now sprawled in his chair, still safe in the hidden back room, he let the crystal orb spin lazily from finger to finger, hand to hand as he watched the open wonder on the face he knew so damn well, intimately. Though he was nothing more than a complete and total stranger to the boy.

Laughing under his breath, a dark and low murmur of sound, he ran his tongue over the dagger-sharp edges of his teeth, teeth that would appear perfectly normal to anyone without power as long as he held his current glamour in place.

"You have no idea.." he murmured, in response to the boy's soft exclamation, the 'wicked' plans he had in mind for the boy, the ones the very young man had just set spinning into place by opening the door, flickering through his mind.

WARNINGS: Slash, and just your basic dirtybadwrongness that you've come to know and love from us. So please, I can't stress this enough, if you don't dig, don't read.

DISCLAIMER: We do not own these two guys in any way. We understand that, but they are so pretty we just HAVE to make them play together.

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